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Be Inspired to Inspire: A Collection of Faith-Based Poetry is now available!

Be Inspired to Inspire by Doreen Procope chronicles the journey of a person who has minimal knowledge of God and desires to dig a little deeper. Your faith will be bolstered and greatly enhanced through this poetry.

For those who are grounded in their faith, this collection of 73 poems will provide much comfort, hope, and inspiration to continue strengthening your relationship with Christ.

There are two purchasing options:

Mertina Publishing ($14.99 & free shipping)

Amazon ($18.99 & free shipping)

Why A Personalized Poem? 

What better gift to render than a personalized poem specially tailored to your sentiments, thoughts and ideas.

A personalized poem adds indispensable value and meaning to the person or occasion and will be treasured by the recipient forever

To date, I have written hundreds of poems for numerous occasions and I am fully confident I can write the perfect poem just for you. Just tell me what sentiments you would like included in your personalized poem and I will take care of the rest.

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