About The Poet: Doreen Procope 

My passion in life is to write poetry. A resident of California, I am married with two children. I enjoy writing about and sharing my faith, reading autobiographies, listening to music, games, sewing, socializing, community service and of course writing poetry.

Challenged in silence amidst trying circumstances, I began to delve deep within myself. As I reflected over my life, I discovered a passion for writing and a unique gift for writing poetry. The time had arrived for the sleeping giant within me to awaken.

I believe with all my heart that I received divine healing through my writings and was thereby inspired to be an inspiration to others.

With the information you provide I am able to visualize and create an inspiring message in poetry that captures the very essence of what you would say if it were written by you instead of me.

I have written hundreds of personalized poems for individuals from all walks of life.  Poems which speak to the heart of the matter in a most unique and personal way.

Use my services and you will not be disappointed. I will create a poem that will not only meet, but exceed all of your expectations.