Hi there, the first poem was for my son's birthday. The poem made me feel a sense of appreciation for you, Doreen and your gift. I felt more love and gratitude for how life has shaped my relationship with my son. The second poem was about relationships. The poem made me feel more confident, and inspired. Thank you so much, I look forward to this new piece you are putting together. 


This is absolutely Beautiful!!!  Thank you so much for this, I cannot wait to share this with the family. God Bless!

I'm in awe by the beauty of what you've written.  Sis, you have an amazing gift! I'm honored that you've so generously shared it with me and my family. God Bless you❤

I will, see my father in law on Sunday, I cannot wait to share this with him. I'm just so grateful to have it.  It's such a special piece of poetry. As I read it I felt as if it had been written by someone that actually knew her. This is amazing!❤❤❤


The reasons/occasions you wrote the poems for me are many and varied throughout the years.  They vary from birthdays and anniversaries to special events.

Receiving my personalized poems made me feel very happy that I was thought about in a special way because the poems are very illustrious in conveying feelings of achievement, and suggestive ways of fulfilling or stabilizing goals, sometimes accompanied by humor.

Receiving personalized poems added value to my moment because the poems are carefully sculpted by what I believe to be a deep sincerity and thoughtfulness of an individual's unique situation, tinged with warmth.