new job

Miss MiLee - New Job Poem

The day has come, this is it
You’ve decided to throw in the towel and quit
What’s up with that Miss MiLee
No need to up and run like a wild young filly

Yes, it's true there’s only one of you
But do you have to take yourself to the GA crew
Boy, don’t they know they are in for a rude awakening
Miss MiLee’s gonna be in the house a hollering

You can even work yourself silly with all that overtime
More money in your pocket is the winning ticket every single time
Much cash you need to buy all those designer labels
A girl does need to look her best to feel tip-top and stable

Have a great time fraternizing over there
And when you’ve had enough, come right back over here
Cause I’m sure many would agree
To this place you’ve added sparkle and joviality

Things will be somewhat different for Miss Noi
No more carpooling and buddy days will she enjoy
But that’s okay, some things in life are meant to be
So gather your things together and get out of here, you are free